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Meet Dr. Dana

Welcome to Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic.  My name is Dr. Dana Hotka.  I am a lifetime resident of Iowa City, Plumb is my maiden name,  and I grew up not far from where my office is located.   I have a deep love for this city and its’ people, which is why I could not think of a better place to give back to the very people that have given so much to my family and me over the years.

I am a 3rd generation graduate of Iowa City High School and The University of Iowa with my Bachelors in Health Promotion.  I went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, graduating in February of 2010.  In addition to chiropractic care, I have extensive experience in pediatrics, physiotherapy,  lifestyle coaching, nutrition assessment, personal fitness training, yoga, stress management, and health behavior change.  My journey continues to lead me in the direction of pediatrics and I am so grateful to be able to share my experience with all of you. Healthy kids and people mean a healthier community for us all!

I have an amazing, epic husband and 4 fantastic, epic chiropractic kids that offer the world and myself so much love and support.  My passion for my family and their health and well being, has led me in the direction of family chiropractic and our pediatric practice is growing rapidly.  Children are the most amazing people to work on, because they are little light switches.  Removing interference from their growing nervous systems is truly remarkable and the effect can be immediate and life changing.  I have the honor to truly save lives daily through chiropractic and it is beyond my wildest dreams.

“As the branch is crooked, so grows the tree.”

Let me help you achieve the very best possible for you and your family.  It is never too early or too late to make a change that could impact the rest of your life.  I very much look forward to meeting you and being a part of your journey.   Call me today at 319.333.1299.


“When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”
The Dalai Lama