Welcome to Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic

At Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic in Coralville we offer a high level of individualized care based solely on your health and wellness needs.  We believe that chiropractic is not only about relieving pain, but creating a lifestyle in which we encourage our patients to be active participants in achieving and maintaining their optimal health and vitality. PTFC  is a family friendly environment where we provide a gentle approach to enhancing your entire family’s overall health and well being.  Dr. Dana welcomes patients of all ages from new born infants to the aging population. With a special interest in reproductive health, pediatrics, and sports performance enhancement, PTFC uses the INSIGHT neuro-spinal scanning system to detect and monitor hidden tension within the spinal core. These damaging stress patterns, known as subluxations, affect your spine and impact overall health and wellness. Because subluxations are a mostly silent process, symptoms and pain may not occur until after some initial damage has been done.  Your body was made to heal itself, and when a subluxation occurs, it cannot properly do so!  These advance sensing technologies are essential for screening our patients and their family’s nervous systems so that we can recommend the most effective care and share our professional and trusted advice.  We are committed to promoting a drug-less approach to family healthcare while awakening the natural, healing potential in each of our patients.  We invite you to watch the following video to see what sets us a part from the rest and prepare for your first visit to our clinic.

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.” Proverb